run3ll asked: Just want to say that I'd really love to chuck my money at you for your art book if you decide to put it up online after CTN. Also, do you have any advice for getting the most out of life drawing (anatomy wise and more). Keep up the mesmerizing work

Thank you so much! If there’s nothing left from CTN I’ll at least chuck the thing on Gumroad for digital download. Thanks for the support :’)

Hmm getting the most out of figure drawing… Each artist will have their different opinion on what the “most” is but here’s what I do. I’m really into anatomy, form, and most of all the sense of weight. I know that when I do figure drawing I’m doing it to better my animation and posing for storyboarding so 80% of the time I will completely forego coloring or rendering shadows and just figure out how to describe the figure in black and white lines (unless those shadows helped to describe the form). I also don’t experiment with tools very much. I know I want to get better with pencils and inks so that’s about all I use atm. No charcoal or pastels. I’m not saying you SHOULDN’T experiment (by all means, do! I probably will when I get bored of pure line) but you improve quicker when you narrow your focus (I learned this from my awesome coworker this year). So if you’re working on anatomy try studying one thing at a time. For one week you study hands, one week for feet, one week for the head, etc etc until you do a week of the entire human body and you can combine everything you’ve learned in the past. A good thing to look up for those kinda lessons is The Famous Artists Course featuring lessons planned by Al Dorne, Norman Rockwell, Al Parker, and a bunch of other fantastic illustrators from the 40s-60s. It’s helped me out a SHIT ton. 

If you’re gearing up for a film/comic/illustration/whatever project and have a character design ready try drawing all the model’s poses AS your character, in whatever style you chose to design them in. That way you can get used to drawing the bastard from any angle, and if it’s a super flat designy style it can force you to come up with some interesting solutions for weird poses. Helps work out the brain. 

Another thing to try is, after the class, try to remember and duplicate the poses you saw that day. This should be the fun part! Draw them as your characters or whatever the hell you want. That way you can start building your inner reference folder for future use. My freshmen drawing teacher Matt Archambault taught me to do that and I learned later that that’s how Howard Pyle would teach his students at Brandywine. Give it a shot! 

This is if you’re in a do-what-you-want kind of drawing situation. If you have a teacher for your figure classes I’d just listen to what they say, they probably know more than me, haha.



This is something I started 8 months ago and was considering for the cover of my book but it was poorly planned out. So here ya go. The lines and (half-on-purpose) ugly lookin color thumb. I also hate the way digital linework looks. Ffff. 



distressed-robot-sounds asked: Hi! I'm a junior in high school right now and your art is so inspiration (i've finally been able to track down your blog after seeing it all over tumblr). I'm interested in animation as well! I had wanted to go to SVA for awhile but lately I've been hearing some mixed reviews. I also am getting little to no help from my family with paying for colleges so I have no clue what to do basically. Any advice you can give would be godsent. Thank you so much!!

Hello! Hoof that’s a tough situation. I hope this can help.

The thing I learned after spending 4 years at SVA and over 100k in loans is that… You don’t need to go to college to become a successful artist. Well fuck! Wish someone told me sooner. What you DO need is the discipline to spend your time productively (to build just as good of a portfolio as any other graduating student) and a proactive attitude. There are plenty of courses online that will teach you the basics of storyboarding, character design, gesture drawing, digital painting, etc at a FRACTION of the price from any school. (check out or if you’re in SoCal,!) Look to see if your town offers any figure drawing classes (because that will always be your most important class), again MUCH cheaper than paying for school, or just ask your friends to pose for you.

One thing you could do is hit up some people who go to schools you like and ask about their courses. Most people will be kind enough to respond haha. I used to incessantly bother people from Gobelins or CalArts ;;; But hey it resulted in some pretty rad friendships! We’re all just trying to learn, here. Start giving yourself weekly assignments based off of what you hear. Challenge yourself! Find online communities that do weekly challenges, or daily challenges like Sketch Dailies. It’ll be super important to make yourself an online presence because even though you won’t be around industry folk in person you could still be in their MINDS. Doing a film once a year, like what is required of both CalArts and SVA students, and debuting it online will help a TON. Think about it! That’s four films to show potential employers that you know your shit and you’ve done your research. And the tools to make films are so easily.. downloadable. TV Paint and Flash for 2D animation, After Effects and Final Cut for compositing (those two take some getting used to but there are enough youtube tutorials to teach you everything you need to know), Photoshop for your pretty paintings (unless you’re all traditional in which case more power to ya). I don’t condone pirating but… OkayyesIdo. At least until you can pay for it yourself ; )

Clearly I’m not an expert on what to do if college isn’t an option for you but from what I’ve gleaned from coworkers and friends who went down that path it’s entirely possible to do it. 

Good luck! 

ctn sketchbook preview! there’ll  be a good amount of stuff in there that you won’t find on my tumblr. so that’ll be cool, right?

ctn sketchbook preview! there’ll  be a good amount of stuff in there that you won’t find on my tumblr. so that’ll be cool, right?

Sock Opera premiered tonight! It’s one of my favorite episodes of the season and I got to do a little animation for it. So here’s my Bipper ruff.

edit- oh sick there’s already a gif of it!

a somethin or other


a somethin or other

neopolitanion asked: Can you give more information about the sketchbook? Like price, and if there will be digital format, because i really want it but I can't go to the expo. Did I said something noobish?

The price will be 15$ at CTN! (hopefully around 30-40 pages) If there’s any surplus from the con, or if I think it’d be worth printing a second batch, I’ll be selling them online. If, for whatever reason, that can’t happen I could release a cheaper digital version but… I think physical books are so much nicer to receive (they can be signed! and doodled upon!) so I hope I won’t have to do that. 

What do you guys think?

getting more shit ready for that CTN book 

getting more shit ready for that CTN book 

INTO IT. OVER IT. - ‘The Shaking of Leaves’ music video    

One of my first gigs outta school was doing the boards for this project. Directed by Johnny Komar and Reza Iman, art and animation by Reza Iman. These dudes KILLEEDDD ITTT and it’s so incredible to see the finished project after all these months. LOOKIN SLICK.  

Check it out!

illosai asked: Holy crap! I hear you're going to be at CTN! Are you holding a booth? My school's animation department has finally gotten big enough to find going to expos relevant. I'd totally love to get the opportunity to meet you!! Maybe get an autograph? Thanks

Yeah I’m sharing half a table with Nate Swinehart! I’ll post more info about it later when I get more deets but I’d love to meet you. Anyone can come by - EVERYONE SHOULD COME BY! I’ll have a sketchbook to sell and some prints and business cards and maybe sketch commissions agh I don’t really know yet. It’s my first time tabling since I was like 16 and I’m sweating so hard haha

I’ve finally gotten around to start scanning some sketchbook shit for CTN in Nov (I’m sharing a table with my pal Nate Swineheart). I’ll be printing my first sketch collective! My sketching styles are so everywhere I worry that people will wonder if they’re all by the same person. 

I’m trying to generate a decent amount of content that I haven’t shared online so that the book can be a little special. I’ll sell the first batch at CTN exclusively but if I have any left overs I’ll put em up for sale online. 

I’m a little nervous. 

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jouo asked: Hello! Do u know any animators/board artists workin in the industry that haven't attended calarts/went 2 not-as-prestigious/no art school at all? I wanna work in animation but Im afraid if I dont go 2 cal arts or similars Ill hardly get a job

Hi! Hello! I didn’t go to Calarts, I went to SVA! That being said I know PLENTY of people in the industry who haven’t gone to Calarts. Shit, I know plenty of people who never went to college at all or who majored in non-art fields (economics? premed??! political science?!?!). It’s not about where you went to school but how good your portfolio is.

Art college isn’t for everyone! I’m confident enough to say that i’d be in the same position whether or not I went, and many times I wish I hadn’t. As long as you’re passionate to improve and you’re disciplined you can learn all you need to know online. That being said, I’m not saying you should NEVER take art classes. But you don’t have to pay a uni 40k a year to take 3 essential classes that cost 2k.